My Dear Colleagues,

        It gives me immense pleasure to inform the august Bar that we have finally been to host a Webpage of our own Bar Association at the website of the Gauhati High Court. The need for having a webpage of the Association with details about the Association and its activities along with the cherished history of the Association was being felt for quite some time now. Designed to a great extent, its pages present the history of the Association, places on record the names of great luminaries and jurists who graced the Association as its members, information about the Association’s Constitution, membership, premises, publication and other activities along with an introduction to the members of the present Executive Committee. The Webpage has also been incorporated with a photo gallery with images from the past and of the activities held during the tenure of the present Executive Committee. The website has indeed become a multi-purpose resource for us. The formal launch of the web page can be regarded as a turning point in the Association’s history as it now places the Association on the world of internet. With this webpage the Association is now open to the world of information super highway.

        The expansion of our membership base through the inclusion of Gauhati High Court Advocates Association has also strengthened our Bar Association and made it the only representative of the entire Advocate fraternity practising at the Gauhati High Court. During the tenure of the present Executive Committee we had undertaken various activities which have been compiled in the form of the Secretary General’s Report and was also placed and accepted by the august house of members in the Annual General Meeting. In my desk I also place the Report for the year 2011-2012 as was placed at the Annual General Meeting held on 22.05.2012.

        My term as Secretary General expired on 22.05.2012 and I hope to welcome the Secretary General – Elect, and his elected Executive Committee for the forthcoming session. Any successes I have had in this position are due, primarily to the spirit and dedication of the many Executive Committee members who are willing to do so much to advance the aims and objectives of this Association. We have an Association of talented, generous and scholarly colleagues. Many are among my most treasured friends. I owe a tremendous debt to the outstanding staff in Association for their untiring and timely performance of tasks. Without the continued support of them all, none of these could have been possible. Many thanks to all, as we begin the process of transition to a new Executive Committee.