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General Notice
1 Notice dated 16/08/2019 regarding subscription of GPF rates. ( .pdf)
2 Notice dated 08/08/2019 regarding celebratioon of 73rd Independence Day. ( .pdf)
3 Notification dated 24/07/2019 regarding re-constitution of the Mini Secretariat. ( .pdf)
4 Notification dated 01/07/2019 regarding directions to various sections of the registry. ( .pdf)  
5 Notification dated 27/06/2019 regarding approve of hierarchy for documentation of ACRs of Kohima Bench. ( .pdf)  
6 Notification dated 26/06/2019 regarding affixing stamp in the Vakalatnama.( .pdf)  
7 Notification dated 25/06/2019 regarding empanelment of Learned Advocates as Amicus Curiae.( .pdf)  
8 Notification dated 25/06/2019 regarding amount to be deposited for supply of Cause List.( .pdf)  
9 Notification dated 24/06/2019 regarding publishing of Cause List.( .pdf)  
10 Pre-sitting in connection with the ensuing National Lok Adalat.( .pdf)  
11 Notification dated 15/06/2019 regarding Vacation Courts at the Principal Seat of the Gauhati High Court.( .pdf)  
12 Notification dated 12/06/2019 regarding Summer Vacation.( .pdf)  
13 Notice dated 28/05/2019 regarding submission of undertaking for claiming House Rent Allowance.( .pdf)  
14 Notification dated 27/05/2019 regarding re-constitution of the Committees.( .pdf)  
15 Notification dated 27/05/2019 regarding nomination as Portfolio Judge for the Districts.( .pdf)  
16 Order dated 24/05/2019 regarding nomination as Judge In-charge, Administrative Department (JAD) of the Gauhati High Court.( .pdf)  
17 Notification dated 24/05/2019 regarding assume charge of the office of the Chief Justice (Acting) of the Gauhati High Court. ( .pdf)  
18 Notice dated 16/05/2019 for Pre-sitting meeting for Pre Lok Adalat with the insurance companies will be held on 20/05/2019.( .pdf)  
19 Notification of Supreme Court of India regarding annual Summer Vacation.( .pdf)  
20 Circular dated 15/05/2019 advising Appellate/Revisional Courts for fixing date for appearance ( .pdf)  
21 Notification of the Government of Assam regarding designation of District Level Courts as Commercial Court.( .pdf)  
22 Notification dated 06/05/2019 regarding office hour during the period of Ramadan.( .pdf)  
23 Notification dated 26/04/2019 regarding submission of the claims for ex-post facto referral of the medical treatment.( .pdf)  
24 Notification regarding assume charge of the office of the Judge of the Gauhati High Court.( .pdf)  
25 Notification dated 22/04/2019 regarding inauguration of the Family Court at Nalbari.( .pdf)  
26 Notification dated 12/04/2019 regarding joining as Finance and Accounts Officer.( .pdf)  
27 Notification dated 05/04/2019 regarding commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.( .pdf)  
28 Vacancy Position in Grade-I & II of Judicial Services under the Gauhati High Court, Guwahati.( .pdf)  
29 Notification dated 01/04/2019 regarding inviting options for filling up of vacancies of Court Master.( .pdf)  
30 Notification dated 29/03/2019 regarding declaration of holiday on account of Lok Sabha Elections.( .pdf)  
General Notice (Archive).

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